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A bespoke series of mirrors made from recycled human hair waste and recycled mirror glass. The materials were collected from eight barber shops and hairdressers in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea as part of Locally Grown, Sanne’s design residency project at the Design Museum in 2022. The mirrors are handmade with traditional craft techniques such as spinning and ropemaking. As is typical with Sanne’s work, making rope with human hair is a slow and mindful process involving sorting, cleaning and processing.

All mirrors featuring a 18mm thick rope, ranging in different colours and hues, from deep black to pastel blonde. Featuring recycled mirror glass and reclaimed wood. The mirror can be positioned according to the person’s height, making it ideal for any position.

100% human hair, sourced and made in London, UK
recycled mirror glass
reclaimed wood

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As a tribute to Sanne’s hairdresser collaborators, each of the mirrors is named after one of them. Since the launch of the mirrors at the London Design Festival in September 2022 as part of Brompton’s Design District, the mirrors will be on display until Late Janurary 2023 at each of the hairdressers and are available for purchase. A part of the proceedings will go back to the hairdressers and a part will be donated to Choose Love and The Bike Project aiding the refugee and homelessness crisis.

thickness mirror                        
length rope varying between     
total weight varying between  



190 - 350 centimeter

1.5 - 2 kilograms

Mirror 1 ‘Noly’

Mirror 2 ‘Andy’

Mirror 3 ‘Ish’

Mirror 4 ‘Jack’

Mirror 5 ‘Peter’

Mirror 6 ‘Joyce’

Mirror 7 ‘Jib’

Mirror 8 ‘Jamie’

Extended is a series of eight mirrors which reflect on our sense of comfort and belonging in hairdressers and barbershops and are made using hair rope and recycled mirror glass collected from barber shops and hairdressers in Kensington and Chelsea.

These mirrors were first launched during London Design Festival, as part of Jane Withers’ curated programme Make Yourself At Home at Brompton Design District in September 2022. The extended mirrors have been widely published in leading national and international press including The Sunday Times, CNN and Design Week.

Visit the project page of Extended (2022) here to read more.

Extended (2022) by Studio Sanne Visser, 3D design by Byron Colman

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