Store Projects x Nike


As part of the Nike On Air series, The London Department organised a series of Q&A sessions with Nike designers, including hands-on workshops organised by Store Projects for design students of neighbouring boroughs in London.

The students learned how to design and create their own shoe laces from scratch. We were invited to teach them how to turn their own dyed yarns into sturdy colourful shoelaces.

Students explored the foundations of industrial design, colours and materials.

The dying process, experimenting with different colours and dipping techniques. 

Starting off with carding of fibers, before the spinning of yarns,
onto braiding of ropes and dying to finishing.

Advice from the experts,
students speak to one of the key designers
of the Nike London Product design team. 

Read more of the article on the Nike news page here.

To find out more about curators and organisers of the event, Store Projects, please explore here.

All photos by Lux Monkey