New Material Award


The New Age of Trichology was nominated for the New Material Award 2018 amongst 14 other designers. The New Material Award is a joint venture between Stichting DOEN, Fonds Kwadraat and Het Nieuwe Instituut. The works of the 15 nominees were exhibited throughout 2018 and 2019 on several locations.

Since 2009, the New Material Award – then DOEN | Materiaal Award – has focussed on various new sustainable materials and innovative technologies. With this award and the accompanying public presentations in Eindhoven and Milan, the initiators wish to enhance developments relating to innovative use of materials, circular economy, and innovative technology and, in doing so, contribute to a sustainable society.

Dutch Design Week 2018

Het Veemgebouw

“Reuse seems to be the recurring theme for the New Material Award 2018. For this seventh edition, artists, designers, and architects provide a treasure trove of new material on the basis of existing and unusual raw materials. For example, tableware shows the levels of particulate matter in your city, jute is upgraded from practical to aesthetic applications, and residual materials are melted down and turned into a completely new metal.

Even cow’s blood seems to be a raw material for objects. The objects and studies of materials can be viewed during Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (20-28 October). The winner of the New Material Award 2018 and the recipient of a fellowship at Het Nieuwe Instituut will also be announced during this week. The biannual New Material Award is organised by Stichting DOEN, Fonds Kwadraat, and Het Nieuwe Instituut.” - press release July 2018 NMA

On 20 October, the winners of the New Material Award and the New Material Fellow were announced at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. The New Material Award was won by Studio Klarenbeek & Dros with Atelier Luma, and the Fellow went to Bass Stittgen.

Hôtel Droog 2018


3 November - 2 December 2018
Opening during the Museumnacht Amsterdam on Saturday 3 November between 19.00-02.00
Staalstraat 7-A,  Amsterdam (NL)

Milan Design Week 2018


8-14 April 2019
Via Popoli Uniti 11/13, Milano (IT)

Nomimees & winners include:

Agne Kucerenkaite, Ignorance is Bliss
Alexander Marinus, Hey Jute
Basse Stittgen, Blood Related
Daria Biryukova, FORZ Glaze
Envisions, Wood in Progress
Inge Sluijs, Plasma Rock
Iris de Kievith & Annemarie Piscaer, SerVies
Ekaterina Semenova, Care for Milk
Overtreders W & bureau SLA, People’s Pavilion: 100% borrowed
Sanne Visser, The New Age of Trichology
Shahar Livne, Lithoplast
Studio Chris Kabel, Recomposed Bamboo
Studio Klarenbeek & Dros, Algae Lab Luma
Telesilla Bristogianni & Faidra Oikonomopoulou, Re3-Glass
Xandra van der Eijk, Future Remnants

Vitra Design Museum

Weil am Rhein

10 May -  Sept 2019
Charles-Eames-Straße 2, Weil Am Rhein