Studio Sanne Visser aims to close the loop of the human hair waste stream through design and research in order to add value to the circular

“What doesn’t exist, we do not have. And what does exist, we must ensure that nothing is lost.”

- Thomas Rau


Holistic approach

not singular

Planet first

not profit


not lineair


not more


like ying and yang

“We always want to question: Where does the material come from? Which production processes are used? How is it consumed? What is the afterlife? Is there a social need for it? What is the geographical landscape and is it capable for production?”

Approach & Method

Responsibility & Care

Our first and foremost aim is to try and make the world a better place by reducing our impact and carbon footprint in everything we make and do. Secondly its our responsibility to repurpose human’s own waste, which in our case is the focus on human hair. Take responsibiltiy, take care.


Transparency is key. By sharing knowledge and skill to a wider audience is enabled to be involved and feel inclusive. None of our production processes or products hide secrets.


Instead of searching finite resources and continuously extracting and depleting natural environments, we aim to create products that contain what we generate ourselves; human hair. The majority of our products make up of 70% up to a 100% of human hair. Other additional materials used, include wood, leather and stainless steel.


All our products are handmade in London with the use of ancient craft techniques including ropemaking, woodwork and leatherwork. We use the most minimum amount of high intensive machinery, and embrace any imperfections that come with handmade items.



We are closely connected to our community of hairdressers, fellow researchers, other makers or people that admire our work. To expand this network we encourage future generations from any location to join forces through the form of education. We not only do this through showcasing our work through exhibitions, but mainly favor hosting workshops, talks and other interactive events.


Stimulating  immediate action through research and making, which go hand in hand within our practice. No matter how big or small, every step counts.


Reducing and eventually vanishing the word ‘waste’ within our language. Shifting perspectives and perceptions around the use of various materials and its lifecycles


Together we’re stronger then alone. Therefore we are high encouragers of collaborating with one another, especially cross disciplinary. Do you read this, have an idea, or want to collaborate, please email us! We want to hear you voices!

“With the use of
human hair waste
you don’t need
any extra land,
water or energy
to ‘grow’ it.
It’s already there.”



Where do we get the hair from is a question we get asked often . Humans. Simple as it sounds. So where really? Ofcutts come from hairdressers, private donations and from companies like hair extensions manufacturers.


All profits made from exhibitions, workshops or sales go directly back into research to gain more knowledge around the use of human hair waste and its development and purpose for different industries.

Donations ︎

Are you planning on getting a haircut and want to contribute to our practice to promote the idea of a zero waste planet? We always welcome more donations of hair offcuts. An ideal length is 4cm+, but if there is a mixture, don’t worry, all sizes & colours are welcome. Please contact us for more details on our general email address info@sannevisser.com.

Are you a hairdresser or salon owner? We can possibly arrange repeated collections weekly, monthly or bi-annually depending on location, interest and amount. Please get in touch for more details.

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