Bookends x Why Material Matters


A bespoke bookend designed for the launch of Why Materials Matter written by Seetal Solanki. The bookends designed by Sanne are not just bookends, they also function as a ropemachine (because why not?). Both functions won’t work without the books themselves. 

“What does it mean to live in a material world, and how do materials of the past and present hold the keys to our future?
‘Why Materials Matter’ (Prestel Publishing) tackles these questions by focusing on various issues that human beings face and by discussing potential materials-related solutions. Through the lens of intriguing projects by designers, artists, makers, and scientists, it presents a colourful panoply of ideas, technologies, and creative efforts that focus on the earth’s most basic elements, while also showing how these elements can be transformed into entirely new materials. “ - Press Release Matter 2018

Photo credits: Dilesh Solanki   

Why Materials Matter was on display at the Brompton Design District from 15 - 23 of September 2018 during the London Design Festival. 

Other artists / designers / scientsts who were commissioned by Matter to create a bespoke pair of bookends include: Basse Stittgen, Billie van Katwijk, Fernando Laposse, Granby Workshop, James Shaw, Jorge Penadés, Lupine Project, Malai, Marlene Huissoud, Max Lamb + Dzek, Raw Material, Studio Furthermore, Tessa Silva-Dawson, Theodora Alfredsdottir, Tino Seubert, and Wang and Söderström. 

Photo credits: Dilesh Solanki

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